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If you donate money for a good cause, I-T Act offers you tax benefits

CSR Donations are eligible for deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act subject to specified exceptions

Donating money for a good cause most often needs a nudge. And the Income Tax does that well by allowing tax benefits to donors. Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 provides for deduction from Gross Total Income (GTI) of taxpayers in respect of certain money donated. So, if you have donated money in the Financial Year, Section 80G can work like a charm for you.

Tax Exemption On Donations Under Section 80g | Faqs

What is Section 80G?

Section 80G is a part of The Income Tax Act, 1961. It deals with donations and charity. A taxpayer can avail of tax deductions on making donations as per the terms and conditions mentioned in Section 80G of the act.

Are donations to the Coronavirus fund exempted from Income Tax?

Yes, Donations made to specific funds are exempted from tax calculation.

What is the minimum amount that needs to be donated to get a tax exemption?

A minimum of Rs 500 needs to be donated to avail tax exemption under IT Section 80 G for online donations.

Are there tax exemptions on cash donations as well?

Cash donations above Rs.2, 000 are not applicable for 80G Certificates.

Who is eligible to make donations under Section 80G?

All taxpayers (individuals/companies/Hindu Undivided Families) are eligible to make donations to charity under Section 80G and claim a deduction, subject to limits set down by the Government. NRIs are also entitled to the benefits under Section 80G, provided their donations are to eligible trusts or institutions.

I am an NRI. Will I get a tax exemption on my donation?

NRI (Non-Resident Indian) donors, who are Indian citizens, holding an Indian passport are eligible to tax exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. Don’t forget to mention your Indian PAN Card Number in the online donation form to avail the tax benefits. You can also write to for any further queries.

What donations are eligible for 100% deduction subject to 10% of adjusted Gross Total Income?

  • Donations to the Government or any approved local authority, institution, or association to be utilized for the purpose of promoting family planning
  • Donation by a Company to the Indian Olympic Association or to any other notified association or institution established in India for the development of infrastructure for sports and games in India, or the sponsorship of sports and games in India.

Do you issue instant tax receipts?

Yes, a soft copy receipt of the donation is made available instantly.